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I painstakingly went through all the key bindings for the Logitech Extreme 3D Pro, and came up with a "translation" for the controller binds. They are not in order of the list at the beginning of page 1 of this thread or in my quote of it in my prior post.

Leaving them AS DEFAULT, here's what the button assignments REALLY are, in joystick button numerical order: (( though I'm beginning to think it's like this for almost all sticks ))

Button 01 = Ab
Button 02 = Bb
Button 03 = Xb
Button 04 = Yb
Button 05 = Lb
Button 06 = Rb
Button 07 = Ltrigger
Button 08 = Rtrigger
Button 09 = Select (( in game, it would be the "cancel button" ))
Button 10 = Start (( in game, it would be the "accept button" ))
Button 11 = Lstick
Button 12 = Rstick

For the view switch nob... perfect for routing power to individual shields I think
Dpad up = Joypad_up
Dpad down = Joypad_down
Dpad left = Joypad_left
Dpad right = Joypad_right.

Simple binding command for those who don't quite know what to do... open your chat window to local or zone, then open your options window and go to key binds. Hover your mouse over the function you want, like, Fire All Phasers, you should see a tool tip appear under you cursor, that says "Use manually with /FirePhasers" To bind that to say... button 1... type into the chat window:

/bind Ab FirePhasers

and for forward shields:
/bind Joypad_up +power_exec Reroute_Shields_Forward

No need for the / to go before the name of the function like in the tool tip bubble. Just repeat the process for each desired function until you have the config you want.