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Originally Posted by shpoks View Post
Just to do a slight update - I recently noticed that I was given another costume slot for every costume slot that is bugged on my char. For ex., I have 5 costume slots out of which 2 have become unusable, but when I visit the tailor it says that I have 2 more costume slots availible.

I'm not sure wheather this is a workaround of some kind or just a side effect of the bug causing the uniform slots to be stucked and unavailible, but you guys might want to check it out it works for me so far.
On my first Orion gal, this is alos an affect I've noticed. Had 4 outfits become unwearable/uneditable/un-renamable. However, also was granted 4 more costume slots. So I'm guessing if the system notices you have a screwed up slot, it denies much access to that slot, but as a workaround, opens up a new slot for you. And it also only seems to happen with off-duty & formal outfits. None of the "uniform" using slots have bugged on me one bit.
As another aside, when I am wearing my off-duty or formal outfit, if in ground, the character selection screen will show my character properly. However, if I had logged her out from space, it will show her instead, in a uniform (My 4th uniform slot to be precise/last one I had made as a uniform) Just another weird thing I had noticed.

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