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09-19-2013, 12:08 PM
I am also having the same issue. My KDF klink was working just fine with 2 uniforms. Then for no reason the second uniform stopped working. I think it was working fine until the mirror universe episode that had me wearing an orange jumpsuit. Once the orange jumpsuit went away (the mission was done) I ran into this glitch. I have different facial hair for my 2 outfits, and while I was in the orange jumpsuit it showed the hair tied to the now-broken outfit.

So outfit 1 was normally showing, and outfit 2 stopped working after that mission, though outfit 2's face was showing on the mission ith the jumpsuit.

Then I was stuck in slot 1 no matter how I tried to get to slot 2. So I went to the tailor and was trying to edit it somehow. I went into slot 2 (which wasn't working) and was able to SAVE that profile. Then I went into slot 1 and tried to LOAD that profile. I was figuring it would fill in all the body details and face details, in case there was a glitch or something. So then it SAVED properly and WORKS. I can now still only see slot 1 in-game, but the EXACT same stuff is displayed in both slots, but one slot won't work.

A major problem is it hides the text buffer when you're in the tailor screen. Not only is it annoying but it was hiding errors that displayed in the buffer. It says error or failed or something, with a note about outfit having invalid items.

I scoured the details of the slot and it had nothing invalid.

Thus, I can only assume it's the entire SLOT that's broken, not the suit in the slot. Since I copied the bugged slot over the good slot with no problems, this is the only conclussion I can find.