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# 1 Question about Quad Plasmas
09-19-2013, 02:22 PM
OK, I've never played around with quads much. I don't generally spend much real money on Zen, and don't grind ceaselessly or dil (and can't seem to wrap my head around exchanging it for zen anyways). Never got around to buying a Sao Paolo or the BoP with quads. So I am just now paying some attention to them, and have a question about the quad plasma cannons.

The 'in-the-know' players seem to dismiss the quad plasmas, mainly because of the engine power drain compounding with the lower Warbird power levels. So do the quads pull *both* weapon power and engine power when firing? Do they benefit from weapon power levels at all? Or do they function best with the engine power turned up to 11?

This is probably a crazy idea but would it be feasible to do a torp + quads build and run with weapon power flatlined, putting max power to engines? Obviously wouldn't want to use the Focused Singularity Beam with that since I assume the minimal weapon power would make that weapon ineffective.

OK, donning asbestos undies, feel free to tell me what a stupid idea this is.