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Originally Posted by shevet View Post
It's a slightly archaic variant spelling that's more common in British English than American. What can I say? I'm British and slightly archaic.
From the spelling of some words (one ended in "-tre" instead of the "-ter" I'm more familiar with) in your story, I figured you were either Canadian, Irish, Northern Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British, Australian, New Zealander, or South African. Well, I got one of those guesses right.

American English has been said to be more archaic than British English (since the two deviated from one another in the 1600s and each evolved in their own way), though some have said that the inverse is true.

I'm American (born in US Army hospital in Munich, Germany) and my ancestry, as far as I know it is: Irish, Scottish, Welsh, British, Dutch, German, Danish, Swedish, with possible bits of French (Huguenot), Swiss, and Cherokee. Or, as someone once said, "Mutt". I've been called "precocious", "eclectic" and "eccentric" (and "genius", but I don't really agree with it).

Enough babbling. Your audience is impatient. Where's the next chapter?

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