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09-19-2013, 08:17 PM
Originally Posted by cidevant View Post
Hargh'peng can only benefit from 1 doff proc which reduces the cooldown to 10 seconds.
Bio-Neural is inferior to Tricobalt if you are using Doffs or Boffs.
Omega glitches out your Doffs so I'd swap that out for a Hargh'peng. Between that and your Romulan You should have all your torpedos at the lowest cooldown possible.

I'd honestly consider running 2x Rapid fire and 3x Cluster and use transphasic compressors with torpedo spreads. Should give you a nice boost.

this was my old build. My current set up dwarfs this one. I also don't have the skills or power to spare for energy weapons. Honestly the drones with thier beam overload are enough to drop even a tact cubes shield facing. once it's down It's nasty the damage I can dish out. I'll try going with a standard tric