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09-19-2013, 09:20 PM
Found the problem.

It's the stupid Nimbus III missions. I know this for a fact this time. I ran into the costume slot bug on my first KDF, played it a bit, but didn't notice when the error happened. I did the azure nebula mirror universe mission right before doing the Nimbus III ones, so I thought it was the jumpsuit change that screwed me over.


This time i had to get the same missions done on my alternate KDF. Went through Azure Neb mirror uni mission just fine. Tried out the outfit slots when I was done to see -- and they still WORKED!

In fact, the outfit slots worked perfectly (using the quick switch right-click on my name context menu) UNTIL I beamed down to Nimbus III to do those tedious missions.

And since that point I couldn't change the uniform I was wearing on the ground. Not during any mission on Nimbus III, and not after leaving Nimbus III to go elsewhere. Even went back to Klingon Academy, went into the tailor and tried modifying the slots. Gave me no errors but would NOT allow me to change which uniform I was wearing.

It remains locked onto costume slot 1, which BLOWS.

Thanks a ton, cryptic, and your crappy programming.