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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
All Quad Cannons are also slapped with the worst of any possible weapon mods, [dmg]. Not only that, they get x4 of them. Accuracy, CritD%, CritH% are all infinitely superior to Dmg mods. Anything but damage mods, for PVE or PVP.

Combine that with the drains to both Weapon & Engine Subsystem Power

If you have the luxury of easily presenting narrow arc weapons and wish to use cannons, DHCs are the best and infinitely superior to Quad Cannons.
What he said. It's not so much the power drain from engines, it's the fact they have [Dmg]x4, which is arguably the worst modifier in the game. Mind you, it isn't necessarily a bad modifier -- but compared to [Acc] which is there to actually hit a target (you deal 0 damage to a target you miss, and is subsequently useful for hitting small ships and destructable projectiles, and if the defense is overcome completely by accuracy (such as a stationary target), the accuracy spills over into critical severity), [CrtH] which increases the amount of crits you have, or [CrtD] which affects just how much punch your critical hits end up dealing, [Dmg] is kind of weak.

I do use weapons with [Dmg] modifiers, but I also don't pvp, and they all have [Acc] on them somewhere, and generally more than just one modifier.

Furthermore, weapons that level up with you only go up to Mk X quality. So your Quad Plasma cannons (and Phaser quad cannons and Disruptor quad cannons) are actually only Mk X when you're at Vice Admiral level. If you want proof, grab one of those Blue retrofit phaser beam arrays that level up with you, and then buy from the exchange a Blue Mk X phaser beam array with the same modifiers (if it has any, I don't remember). Equip both to your ship (to take into account the actual stats given your character's specific traits and skills), and you will see them perfectly identical.

This is slightly deceptive with the Quad Cannons because without the [Dmg]x4 modifier, you wouldn't even know they were at Mk X quality, because the [Dmg] bonus would put them on par with similar Mk XII cannons at Vice Admiral level, which is likely intentional.

This gives Cryptic the opportunity to sell cannons for money (or rather zen) which are on par with weapon received in-game, without actually being better than other weapons received in-game (which are in actuality much better), and thus would not be pay-to-win... since as previously established, the Quad Cannons are novelty items. They aren't all that great. [Miss]x4, drains engine power, and has the illusion of being higher level than it actually is.

If someone wants to prove me wrong, please show me the maths and I will humbly accept that I am wrong. Personal conjecture does not count.  39147