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09-19-2013, 09:58 PM
Also, since this weapon naturally comes on an Escort, the Engine power drain means less speed for the ship. Less speed means less bonus defense, which is one of the biggest assets in this game right now. Escorts receive bonus defense from speed, and the Quad Cannons bleed some of that away for a weapon with the worst modifiers in the game at x4.

Try it. See how your ship handles with the Quads. Fly around at different throttle levels, different ENG power levels. Now remove the Quads and fight with regular Cannons / DCs / DHCs. You will notice a difference in handling when you start firing. You move a bit faster, turn a bit better. Look up your bonus defense. All other weapons, beams, non-quad cannons, torps, will not bleed your speed down as you fight due to ENG power drains.