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09-19-2013, 09:26 PM
Sorry, I should've remembered to mention that PvP does not enter my equation. Ever. If I want to have someone tell me how badly I suck, I can get that elsewhere.

I've been using the quads for a few days, and I rather enjoy them. I was just trying to get a better grip on how the actual mechanics of the engine power drain works. I'm also around level 42 on this character, and I don't go out and buy all purple weapons - I just equip what drops for the most part. So the quads, while not optimal, are still better than the green MkVIII DHCs I would probably be running in their place.

As for speed, I'm slowly getting away from always setting things on Full Defense, but I'm nowhere near firewalling the throttle - I'd probably never hit anything if I did that. :p