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09-20-2013, 12:30 AM
Originally Posted by royalsovereign View Post
Sorry, I should've remembered to mention that PvP does not enter my equation. Ever. If I want to have someone tell me how badly I suck, I can get that elsewhere.

I've been using the quads for a few days, and I rather enjoy them. I was just trying to get a better grip on how the actual mechanics of the engine power drain works. I'm also around level 42 on this character, and I don't go out and buy all purple weapons - I just equip what drops for the most part. So the quads, while not optimal, are still better than the green MkVIII DHCs I would probably be running in their place.

As for speed, I'm slowly getting away from always setting things on Full Defense, but I'm nowhere near firewalling the throttle - I'd probably never hit anything if I did that. :p
This isn't a PVE vs PVP issue with these weapons. Defense is defense. Hitting power is hitting power. Accuracy is accuracy. Subsystem power is subsystem power.

This has everything to do with how bad ALL Quad Cannons suck compared to practically any other weapon out there.

You can be using much, much better DHCs, or doing the good 'ol Dual Beam Banks + Beam Overload, or anything else, and not slam your Subsystem Power, speed, maneuverability, and your defenses all at the same time from a weapon that is less accurate, hits less crits, and even if it does crit, the damage from said crits are smaller.

You are better off with Common quality Mk XI DHCs.