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09-20-2013, 07:16 AM
Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
This isn't a PVE vs PVP issue with these weapons.
Sure it is. What point is there to min/maxing your loadout for anything other than PvP and/or the endgame STF content? Does it really matter if the Elachi escort in front of me dies in 5 seconds or 10 when I'm soloing?

I like the quads, and I plan on using them for awhile. The purpose of this thread was to make sure I was using what I have effectively. Don't misunderstand me, I get where you're coming from, it just isn't important to my current playstyle. Eventually I'll hit 50, and maybe someday I'll actually do some of the STF content. But I don't see it happening soon.

Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
This has everything to do with how bad ALL Quad Cannons suck compared to practically any other weapon out there.
Hmm, guess I'll go back to that all-turret rainbow build I was considering.