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Originally Posted by dknight0001 View Post
Flying backwards drains power from all systems. So less speed & Defense, less damage, less shield resist and less Aux based heals.

Flying in guns blazing (CRF/CSV) and flying out when it ends and turning around within the 5s downtime and 5k range is a superior tactic IMO.

Also most PVE enemies should die in a single pass outside of group activities.

Sorry for not abusing you. I'm sure somebody will come along and be a jerk.
I was always told that you cant do attack runs (my prefered tactic) with cannons as you significantly reduce your dps output, if this is incorrect I will be glad as I much prefer to do attack runs and hit and fade atacks than cannon boating , the only issue arrises when providing static defence of a target in a stf such as the gate on khitomer or the kang on cure, i generaly remail still or move back and forth.
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