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09-20-2013, 07:52 AM
I actually liked reading the Ask Cryptic posts. Yes, we got a lot of vague answers, but I liked the idea of asking general questions and seeing they would get answered. At least I knew they were being read.
Which is why I'm here now. Been gathering questions from my fleet and thought I would post them and see what happens. They are a wide range of questions so I have no idea which Dev would be best to ask.
So I am posting them here:
When it comes to adding things to Star Trek Online I'm aware of the fact that you have to get permission from CBS Studios and all that. I'm also aware that you can't have too many items as your servers would probably crash trying to keep up. But in case things change and you are able to upload a whole bunch of cool stuff to the C-Store/Lock Boxes/Episode are some ideas that I have read about and have come up with myself, along with a few questions I have.
Feel free to use any of these ideas to help improve STO...
FYI all of this is dependent on you getting a whole warehouse full of servers to handle the load as I'm sure more and more players will be joining up once many of these ideas come available. Just saying.
Here they are:

1. Is it possible to add a set-bonus for Fleet Equipment? Now that we have access to all the different consoles, weapons, engines, shields, deflectors, and warp cores...what about adding in a set bonus for them? Something that will boost a particular skill set based on the set. Like Tetryon weapons, Shield boosting deflector, engines that operate at low power, regenerative shields, tetryon mag tac console, shield regen science console, and a matching engineering console as boost a science skill.

2. I agree with the idea to turn off the Skill Cap. Once my character hits Vice Admiral I don't stop earning Skill points but I am stopped from using them! i know we use those points in the Reputation system, but I would like to be able to max out my character and make it the best I can! Any chance of this happening?

3. One new item I would like to see either as a dedicated console on a c-store ship, or as a Universal Console from a lockbox, would be the Phased Cloaking Device. A console that allows a ship to phase through another vessel and have torpedos do no damage to the ship, but beam weapons will do damage to shields, not to hull. This will have an activation timer of about 3 seconds, and a 5 or 10 second use timer before it phases the ship back into solidity. Then it has a 4 minute cooldown. However the tactical reason for having this is that it causes power distribution dampening in the target ship. Like a -10 or -15 to all power levels.

4. Will you be having any missions where I, the Captain, control the outcome of the mission based on the decisions and choices I make during the mission? Make some missions like a Choose-Your-Own Adventure book where every chapter had a choice that determined where you went next.

5. Will you be making some missions for on-board my own ship! Intruder Alert Simulation, or make it available to communicate with Bridge Officers to build relationships?

6. When it comes to Alien races we are still only able to choose humanoid shapes. What about multiple arms, eyes, legs, etc.? What about no legs and a tail? Or even adding a tail of different types and lengths? Horns, fangs, fur, cat paws, backward jointed legs, tentacles instead of arms or legs?

7. Speaking of costume choices. I have a cross faction Bridge Officer but my only choices for costume is their faction costumes. Is it possible that we can soon dress our Boffs in our faction costumes? This way we don't have a Red Shirt wearing officer among our KDF crew or leather wearing Gorn on my Federation ship.

8. What about more choices for customizing ships? Rainbow of color, being able to change type of metal used for hull, having an "ultimate" module selection available so we can customize our ships using any "module" from any other type of ship. What about adding options to our customizations of our ships or uniforms like adding glowing strips in the Patterns available now? Something like having the Orion Pattern be glowing, making it look a little like Tron or even the Delorean from Back to the Future. Same with our standard uniforms. Allow us to add a GLOW color to the striping on our uniforms?

9. Another item I think would be a great sell is a grenade launcher. Not everyone is a tac toon. So not everyone has a tactical kit that supplies grenades. Some people don't even have tactical bridge officers on their away teams! So what about having a Grenade Launcher that has a faster reload (like a High-Intensity Beam Rifle) and it fires photon grenades? Maybe you can turn it in under the Omega Reputation to get it upgraded to a different type of grenade (ex: Smoke, Plasma, Cryo, etc.).

10. I know this is a long shot but what about adding a conversion console near the exchange or bank that allows conversion from Dilithium to Energy Credits and Energy Credits to Dilithium? Maybe even add a Zen Point exchange that allows you to not only exchange Zen for Dilithium but also exchange Zen for Energy Credits and Energy Credits for Zen?

11. Is there a chance that in the future you will allow players to purchase dedicated weapon and console slots for our ships with a limit of only being able to have 5 slots for each section? EX. Buy a Heavy Dual Cannon slot for our Science Vessel which only has 3 Fore Weapon Slots, thus bringing it to 4 Fore Weapons Slots. Or being able to buy a Universal Weapon Slot that can be placed Fore or Aft and can be used for ALL types of weapons (except Mines which are Aft only). Along this same idea is some restrictions. Like being able to buy a dedicated weapon slot but not to exceed 5 Fore and 4 Aft. Or 4 Fore and 5 Aft.

12. Are you going to bring more ships to the KDF? In order to bring more players to the KDF side what about adding a new ship and/or maybe new "slots" that can be purchased in the C-Store or through an upcoming lock box? A ship like a true warrior vessel that has 4 Fore and 4 Aft weapon slots, but with one of each (Fore/Aft) slot being dedicated to port/starboard flanks. This will allow a Klingon to equip Cannons-only in those special slots and thereby make this ship a TRUE Warrior-like vessel!
On the other hand if you don't want to design one specific ship, what about allowing the KDF side (to start then allow Feds later) to buy a specific extra slot that can be placed (on purchase) into any area of their ship?

13. Here is an idea: being able to purchase from the C-Store an extra Console slot. The idea is that you cannot have more than 5 Console slots for each type (ie: Engineering, Science, Tactical), so the idea that someone could purchase a Department Specific Console Slot (they choose the department upon opening the box). This gets installed in the ship and now that person has one extra slot in that department. However if they already have 5 slots in that department then that console won't go there and now they must place that extra slot on a different ship.
If this idea sparks the idea of people overpowering their ships then put a restriction on it. One slot per department allowed. People can only buy one extra slot per player per department (ie: I can't buy two science console slots, only one of each department).

14. When will it be available for us to place our Fleet Emblem on our Fleet Starbase exterior or even the floor of the Ops area?

15. I read earlier someone else had a really good question about: When will we be able to take older items and Craft upgrades for them? Like turning our Phased Tetryon Beam Array Mk X into Mk XII's? Or adding [Crit] or [Reg] to items? I know in one of the lockboxs there is that opportunity to do this with the Jem'Hadar set, but what about the rest?

16. The Founders sent out 100 babies into the galaxy to explore and come back. Only Odo and Laas were ever recovered. Yes, there is that New Link out there, but what about the eventuality of adding an expensive new Playable Character or Bridge Officer that is a Changeling? In honor of Constable Odo I would suggest that if it is a Bridge Officer it is a Tactical Officer.

17. I also agree with others that you should work on making an entire upcoming Season be all about fixing, updating, expanding/simplifying current issues, problems, questions, and concerns that have been slowly piling up on you. Is this something that is in the works?

18. What are your thoughts on upgrading Boarding Parties that survive and return to being able to TAKE from the ship they boarded? For instance: My Boarding Party goes aboard a Borg ship and manages to damage them and return, with Borg Neural Processors or a Borg Device or maybe even some Omega Marks...thoughts on this? And if I'm in a PvP with another player and my Boarding Party returns, they come back with a Consumable item that is either on the ship or in the players Inventory.

19. Along with the Console purchase idea, what about being able to purchase a Console retrait token? Something like calling it a Ship Refit Token. This token allows you to move your existing console slots around. For instance my Wells Temporal Science Vessel has 3 Engineering, 4 Science, and 3 Tactical console slots. I purchase this Refit Token and now I can move them around. Now I have 4 Engineering, 4 Science, and 2 Tactical. This doesn't allow for a player having more than 5 console slots in each department.

20. We have a dilithium mine now. Which is supposed to be producing dilithium. Yet it costs dilithium to build it. This doesn't make sense. Okay, we are getting a reduction in dilithium cost, but even that isn't significant. If we have a dilithium mine it should be giving us dilithium and not taking it. Maybe, instead, it should be costing Energy Credits. my suggestion is that the mine actually produces dilithium. For a fleet of 500 it comes to about 50 Ore per day. For a fleet of 100 each member gets 250 Ore per day. Otherwise, why have the Mine?