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Originally Posted by knuhteb5 View Post -Look under systems and you'll find the release note about the slavers

Let us also not forget that when the slavers were released in November 2011, the dilithium grind was nowhere near as great as it now. Starbases were added in July 2012 and embassies went live in March of this year, not to mention the reputation trees. How much would you venture to say a player spends on average in terms of dilithium between the rep tree shinies, starbases (ships, ground, and space gear included) and embassies?

I need to look up the numbers myself, but let's assume that the average player will only get one rep tree mark 12 space set. That's approximately 20K X 3 (60K) assuming each piece costs around 20K dilithium. Add to that about 30,000 dilithium donated to a fleet's starbase. Add another 30,000 for dilithium donated to a fleet embassy. Add to that the cost of purchasing another tier 5 ship-120K. Add to that the cost of purchasing the advanced orion slavers-30K X 2. That's 300,000 dilithium in total and that's just a modest estimate. Add in special fleet project dilithium donations, the cost of trading in doffs, and the cost of purchasing embassy doffs, and you're talking another potential 100K-200K dilithium.

Compare those numbers to before. Prior to starbases, you'd potentially could spend around 120K for that nice tier 5 ship you wanted and a few other goodies. Let's assume that an average player wouldn't spend more than 200K prior to season 6. Post LOR and assuming players are spending somewhere between 300k-400K on average, that's an increase of 50-100% in dilithium spent over how much it was before season 6. Yes, I know. I am making a lot of assumptions, but in the absence of hard data, we have to make some estimations ourselves.

So what do you think about this? Do you think it's fair for Cryptic to take away easier ways to get dilithium when the average amount of dilithium spent most certainly has shot up since before season 6? Is it difficult for you to stomach Borticuse's internal metric explanation given that demand for dilithium has gone up?
Ok, so dig pre-Nov. 2011. That's a start, thanks. As for those notes, it didn't really say much about the slavers and at any rate I want to see what led up to their creation since they are claiming the looting was never a factor.

And to reinforce other people points....
-It's not about the contraband as much (for us) as the overall worthlessness of the looting. It was never amazing to begin with and ANY nerf to it is not fair to those who spent BIG on the elite ones, but this level of worthlessness is just plain insulting. Items that are paid for should never be quality nerfed after the fact. Even a moderate return to previous quantities is not enough. We want what we paid for.

-Despite claims, we know this IS about Zen/dilithium/contraband (for the bean counters). Otherwise you would nerf something else. That being said, at least be honorable and #1 admit it, #2 replace the lower contraband pulls with RESPECTABLE amounts of EC, commodities, or whatever. 100 ec per pull on elite slavers??? Is that a joke?!? And I do mean respectable, say 100k per pull and we'd shut up. Yes, you are about 1000x off on this.

-Lowering the hull/performance on top of all this is just... well there aren't even words for it. I will use a comparison I have used before. It's like buying a new car that gets 55mpg, only to have the manufacturer show up at your door to "fix" it to only get 35mpg because you were getting too much for your money and it was never intended to get that kind of efficiency. Devs, would you tolerate that quietly???

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