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09-20-2013, 11:34 AM
Originally Posted by havokreign View Post
I consider the ones crying about optionals and hollering at others to be the 'bad' players.
Because extra rewards are a bad thing. Would you like 35% more? "No!" - reminds me of a commercial.

My worst is when a player destroys the generator right away in Infected Space Elite, two of us are science so we are able to hold back the spheres, destroy the other generators, then destroy the transformer, cube, and the spheres...all while the idiot ran to the other side and destroyed a generator there as well. Some people are determined to grief others.

Originally Posted by nabreeki View Post
Regarding the optional in IGE, I simply don't care about it. IF someone doesn't ruin it immediately, it's enormously frustrating to move through the STF, making sure all the hostages are rescued, only to have some chucklehead mess it up on the ninth or last guy -- it adds an incredibly painstaking layer to the mission, so I simply ignore it (it fails 98% of the time) and move through the rest of the map.
We almost always get the optional, if someone goes early we just run in and save the guys. Just the other day we beat the first boss with less than 2 minutes left and still got the optional. It was really fun, at the end we had to run past 2 groups of borg and into the room to save the last two with 2 seconds left.

Originally Posted by nabreeki View Post
And I think you'll find that Dentals are rarely rezzed in ESTS regardless of how well we're doing.
We never rez anyone who is a liability and will only make the mission harder. Fleet names don't matter.

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