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09-20-2013, 04:28 PM
Originally Posted by veritech05 View Post
So with this build how often do you fire the Breen Cluster and the Tricobalts? What do you use to strip away shields for the coup de gras of the Tricobalt death missiles?

Can you name the DOFFs?

Oh and I am going to totally try this out.
The tricobalts fire about 1 in 10 seconds and the breens fire about 1 in 20 seconds averaged because it's a 60% proc. without the proc.

with no doffs it'd be 1 in 15 sec on the tricobalt and 1 in 25 seconds on the breens.

I'm trying to record my play with it to show it off, but i'm new to that and having a time with it.

I'll edit with doff names, but they aren't special. I just bought 3 purple torp doffs

the romulan torps are almost a continuous stream with good procs. just keep THY on cooldown

So for torp Doffs I have Fade Beroos, Jannetta Nettie Saxena and Masni. With Jholam P'bizaph tractor beam and Mike Jerrod Abram for gravity well

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