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09-20-2013, 05:30 PM
Okay, this isn't an STF, but I felt like I had to vent because it's starting to piss me off like an STF. I'm talking about Vault: Ensnared. It seems like lately it's been really easy to screw this up and get only half of the marks you can get. I've been hard-pressed to have a run where you can save all the ships, have 20% of the web completed, and/or kill the flagship. You tell people where you're going and then either everyone is following you or goes to the opposite direction. Then there's the cases where you'll tell the party that you're going to cover the bottom of the Vault, turn around, and there's two of your teammates with you, leaving a huge gap in the middle (and people wonder why the web is 20% complete in less than one minute). And then there's the ones that just blast the mesh weavers and widows instead of the VAULT WEAVERS!

In fact, just a couple days ago, I was doing a run in Ensnared with two of my fleet mates and we got teamed up with on guy that was AFK for most of the match and another that just worked on the mesh weavers and widows. In the end, we only rescued about six ships, the web was 80% complete, and we didn't kill the flagship.

Has anyone else been running into this problem lately?