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Originally Posted by johankreig View Post
I was always told that you cant do attack runs (my prefered tactic) with cannons as you significantly reduce your dps output, if this is incorrect I will be glad as I much prefer to do attack runs and hit and fade atacks than cannon boating , the only issue arrises when providing static defence of a target in a stf such as the gate on khitomer or the kang on cure, i generaly remail still or move back and forth.
I really am against this mentality of guarding the Gate in KASE means parking and opening fire when something spawns.

After killing the Probes I go help DPS the Transformers, using Evasive Manuvers to get back to the probes. With Battle Cloak I can get multiple decloak bonuses.

With the Kang I prefer to kill the BoPs side on and as close to their cubes as possible.

Never missed a probe or let something through on the Kang.
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