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09-20-2013, 10:49 PM
Sigh. I should know better than to get into this any further. And yet...

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You yourself gave the reasons why the Quad Cannon mediocrity is not just a PVP issue. ... There are places in this game where it's not simple multiplayer cooperation like STFs / ESTFs. It is about competitive results.
That is completely irrelevant to me. I don't ever play with anyone else. I've been here a year or so and have never teamed with anyone. This is mainly because my playtime is extremely limited - I have to be able to bail at a moment's notice, and I do not like bailing out on a team. So no, for *me* it is never ever about competitive results. It is always about enjoying myself in something that somewhat resembles the Star Trek universe in the precious moments I can spare.

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You may scoff at Min/Maxing, but if you enter instances where you are competing against other players, even in the same side, with everything else being equal (including player skill), your Quad Cannons will leave you in a less competitive state.
I'm not scoffing. It simply is not relevant to my playstyle or to my initial question.

Other players obviously enjoy min/maxing, making the best build they can, competing against one another, and so on. And it's great that they can do that here and enjoy themselves. I have exactly zero problems with that. It's just not for me. Will that ever change? I don't know - if that becomes important to me, the quads go in the trash bin. Well, OK, probably at that point the quads would be stuck on the Ar'kala in my 'mothballs' stack and I'd be flying something more endgame-worthy, but you get the gist.

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If you don't care about winning against the competition, then by all means, do go on with the Quad Cannons.