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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
You yourself gave the reasons why the Quad Cannon mediocrity is not just a PVP issue.

There are places in this game where it's not simple multiplayer cooperation like STFs / ESTFs. It is about competitive results. Results where how much damage you deal during the mission is compared to other players. Fed "Starbase 24" and KDF "Federation Minefield" come immediately to mind. They are limited, yes, but many people do dive into there, esp. Fed side with SB24.
They sure do. I dive in there all the time, well, at least if there's a fleet daily event on. And I've hit first place numerous times with my mediocre quad phasers, 2nd place and 3rd place too but rarely hit below 3rd place. That's with my tac captain flying a Defiant with quad phasers.

'Well Stofsk, that's nice and all, but the plural for anecdote is not data. You obviously were teamed with noobs/scrubs/idiots/bad people so who cares what you think.' Ah ah ah, perhaps so, but all I'm saying is that quad phasers allow you to be competitive in those environments. I'm sure the times I've lost 1st place have been to people running full DHCs and probably using Elachi weapons too, and probably Scimitars with 5 forward weapons and 5 tac consoles to my regular Defiant's 4. In which case... I'm outclassed in more ways than one and I could have slotted a phaser DHC in the quad's place and I still wouldn't have won 1st place if that's the kind of ship and gear setup I'm competing against. Yet I have gotten 1st place, so it's obviously possible to do so using quad cannons - which means they remain competitive, if not optimal, since it's impossible for all things to be completely equal when you have random people flying random ships with random builds.

In such a case, even a Common DHC at Mk X-XI has the upper hand in competitiveness over the Quad Cannons. That Common quality DHC will:
* Have an inherent +10% CritD damage bonus, which adds up after a while with Tacs & Escorts blazing away. This mod is naturally found in ALL DHCs.
Yeah but all other things being equal the DHCs and quad phasers will crit about the same amount of times if the DHCs don't have any [acc] or [CrtH] modifiers (which they won't since you've mandated they be commons). Meanwhile for all those times neither weapon crits, the quad cannons are doing more damage.

* Not drain your ENG Subsystem Power, allowing faster speeds (and higher bonus defense), better turn rates, all allowing you to be better protected and swing your weapons on target that much faster to blaze away again.
The whole 'zomg -10 engine power per shot OHMYGOSH SO SLOWWW' thing is so overstated. Good thing I've got a hyper-injection warp core?

Maybe this is far more important for PVP, but the guy you're talking to and the examples you've given for PVE content makes this point moot. The fact of the matter is this: you can use quad cannons in PVE and not be gimping yourself.

And that's for a Common Quality DHC. If you throw even an Uncommon DHC with either Acc (more hits on target), CritH (higher chance for Critical hits), CritD (higher Critical Damage bonus, on top of the inherent DHC CritD+10%). PVP may highly prefer Acc over everything, but in PVE, ANY of these mods in any number are far, far, FAR superior than the [Dmg] mods, which are found in x4 on all Quad Cannons.
You're overselling it. In PVE, any mod is better than [Dmg] mods, but saying that they are far, far, FAR superior makes it sound like using any gear with [Dmg] is somehow counterproductive. The reality is any mod on any quality gear item, including no mod on common gear, is more than adequate enough for PVE.

You may scoff at Min/Maxing, but if you enter instances where you are competing against other players, even in the same side, with everything else being equal (including player skill), your Quad Cannons will leave you in a less competitive state.
I reiterate what I said above, I use quad phasers on my tac captain and have gotten first place in those 'competitive' PVE things.

Now, just so you don't get me wrong, I'm well aware that [Dmg] is a sucky mod. I'd much rather trade that [dmg]x4 for [CrtD]x4. Change that, and I bet all of you will slot in a quad cannon.