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09-21-2013, 01:12 AM
Well, still doesn't change the fact that Quad Cannons have nothing more than [dmg]x4.

While Common Quality DHCs all have, at the bare minimum +10% CritD.

Yes, both Quad Cannons and Common Quality DHCs will crit at the same rate. But when the DHCs do Crit, they will hit harder, thanks to the inherent +10% CritD.

The fact that we are able to favorably compare a Common quality weapon to Quads should be alarming

And I still stand that comparable weapons with mods any other than the Quads' [dmg]x4 are much superior. If one cannot see the benefits of a weapon that has a combination of hitting more, critting more, critting harder, while not impacting your Subsystem Power (and maneuverabiliy, AND bonus defense) as much... then I dunno.

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