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09-21-2013, 01:59 AM
meh, this thread is elitism at it's finest. Until now I had never even heard of such a channel. If you are to the point where you become obsessed with your "DPS", you really need to take a step back into reality. Reread for a moment, this thread is advertising a chat channel that only allows players with 5k DPS or more. The only point I'd see in such a channel would be for bragging rights, or for creating a master "List of people that will oneshot themselves when firing on a science vessel max specced in feedback pulse".

I've seen a lot of players throw out the "I do 20k+ DPS" card lately on the forums and ingame. It's honestly getting very old, none of those "20k+ DPS" builds are single target, they all use AoE. 5 fore weapon slot ships aside, most builds do not get over 10k against a single target when on their own.

I will say those rapid STF completions are impressive, even believable with as much AoE as presented. Somehow though, I think there is a bug somewhere in there. Quite a few times there are 15k critical hits from a single dual heavy cannon shot shown in the videos against targets, even when Attack Patterns and debuffs are down. I don't care if you say you are running [CritD]x3 dual heavy cannons for +70% critical severety. Under normal conditions you aren't going to get that much damage out of one critical hit. Other than that, nice videos.