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09-21-2013, 05:20 AM
No, not a bug at all, but as a 'feature', this one 'really' needs changing. Just accepting it, defeats the purpose of the thread started here, to get this iota changed. Also kills the RP/story biography mood for the boffs I have, for my crew.

Yeah, yeah... boohoo and all that... but when you get tired of seeing Boffs in unis that look like something Scotty drank up, and then ran for the only working ship's toilet, afterwards, it all begets to having this change.

And having romulan boff faces disappear, after trading them back and forth, when no effort was apparently made in the first place to warn in any way, shape or form, of tradability in the first place, of nor thereof, begets of this then result, IS a bug to decry over. Just accepting this one, as well, is plain blunt put, lackadaisical in ALL considerations of this matter.

I.e. NOT accepting this one, as all stands. Nay, none and nada.