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I can't understand why this thing is so squishy. Compared to my mirror Sovereign, it has more hull rating (55000 on mouseover), a higher shield modifier and a better turn rate. Yet, before I can even react with a science or engineering ability, I'm dead. I'm talking blue shields to 0 hull in the span of an instant! I've died so fast at the start of Conduit with it once (literally one second after engagement) I had to check to make sure my purple mark 12 covieart [Pla] shields were even equipped.

I get that being a tactical scim, it isn't going to have the endurance of an engi scim, but with higher hull and shield modifiers, shouldn't it at least take as many hits as my other cruisers? At least with my mirror sovereign my shields went from blue, to yellow to red, actually giving me time to react with emergency power to shields or transfer shield strength. With the scimitar it's just BAM! Warp core breech.