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09-21-2013, 11:40 AM
one thing to help with is minding your surroundings as a scimmy pilot myself i have died far to often to the sheer size the scimmy has namely to warp core breeches. since you are literally the biggest playable ship in the game you really need to watch the surroundings for exploding ships and enemy ships shooting at you.

second if you feel like you are taking too much heat cloak and wait for it to pass or cloak barrage since cloaking as well as venting the singularity charge will make it almost impossible for the enemy to see you and you can escape and heal.

third make full use of shield heals the more you have the harder it will be to fall the Valdore console really helps in this along with TSS EPtS and Quantum absorption all of which i use to keep the shields up and some extra hull to take a beating.

the scimmy may have low healing abilities but having a sense of your surroundings greatly improves a scimitars life in the field as well as constantly keeping the shields up since you have very little hull healing unless you dump the uni into eng.