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09-21-2013, 11:53 AM
I don't think people quite understood what exactly I said in my original post. I'm not dying for a lack of having that right engineer or science ability to fall back on because I get killed before I can react fast enough to use anything. If my mirror sovereign got hit this hard this fast on a regular basis it wouldn't even matter that the ship can accommodate reverse shield polarity 2, by the time it drew a targets attention, it'd be dead. I don't have my whole spec/gear in front of me atm, I'll post it in detail when I get home. Off the top of my head my gear is something like

4 fore plasma dual beam banks, 1 plasma torp. 2 plasma beam arrays and 1 plasma torp aft.
Combat impulse engines [turn]
Positron Deflector [buffs shields/hull]
resilient shield array [cap] [pla] (7k capacity, 190 regen, 20% reduced plasma damage I think)
Field Stabilizing singularity core (forget mod name, it resists shield drain)
Subspace field generator/red matter capacitor/weapons battery/shield battery for devices
Engineer consoles: two fleet mk11 rcs turn/kinetic resist/energy resist
Science: Field generator/shield emitter/assimilated module
Tactical: 5 plasma energy buffers (plasma inducer?)

Cmd Tac: Full Spread Torpedoes, Beam fire at will, attack pat beta, attack pat omega 3
Lt Cmd Uni: Engineering team, Emer Pow two shields, Reverse shield polarity
Lt Eng: Engineering team, Aux 2 battery
Lt Science: Hazard Emitters, overtime shield heal (forget the name)
ensign uni: Tactical Team