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09-21-2013, 11:58 AM
Found the last mislabeled ship USS advance so just need to find the Undine ship Nykus and I'll be done.

Here's a final list of the mislabeled ships for KDF fleet alert;

=What I saw > what got ticked off=

Raleigh > Advance
Advance > Eridani
Marlowe > Uhlmann
Eridani > Raleigh
Uhlmannnot sure but think it ticked off the Marlowe (Federation)

Yanas > Hekallss
S'terras > Menakk
Hekallss and Menakk > Yanas and S'terras (not sure which belongs to which now, sorry).

As you'll see, it's no wonder we've had trouble completing these accolades.


...all seem to be correctly labelled and if they don't tick off it might be an NPC that go the final shot or the mislabeling is not as consistent as I thought.
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