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I don't think people quite understood what exactly I said in my original post. I'm not dying for a lack of having that right engineer or science ability to fall back on because I get killed before I can react fast enough to use anything. If my mirror sovereign got hit this hard this fast on a regular basis it wouldn't even matter that the ship can accommodate reverse shield polarity 2, by the time it drew a targets attention, it'd be dead. I don't have my whole spec/gear in front of me atm, I'll post it in detail when I get home. Off the top of my head my gear is something like

4 fore plasma dual beam banks, 1 plasma torp. 2 plasma beam arrays and 1 plasma torp aft.
Combat impulse engines [turn]
Positron Deflector [buffs shields/hull]
resilient shield array [cap] [pla] (7k capacity, 190 regen, 20% reduced plasma damage I think)
Field Stabilizing singularity core (forget mod name, it resists shield drain)
Subspace field generator/red matter capacitor/weapons battery/shield battery for devices
Engineer consoles: two fleet mk11 rcs turn/kinetic resist/energy resist
Science: Field generator/shield emitter/assimilated module
Tactical: 5 plasma energy buffers (plasma inducer?)

Cmd Tac: Full Spread Torpedoes, Beam fire at will, attack pat beta, attack pat omega 3
Lt Cmd Uni: Engineering team, Emer Pow two shields, Reverse shield polarity
Lt Eng: Engineering team, Aux 2 battery
Lt Science: Hazard Emitters, overtime shield heal (forget the name)
ensign uni: Tactical Team
You don't seem a million miles away I would personally get the valdore console

Drop engineering team

Get epts3 this will up your survivability by a lot

Drop aux to bat unless your running and aux to bat build its useless

I run a an aid to bat build with all cannons I used to have survivability problems but after learning how to attack and fade(which is how it was used in the film) and getting epts3 and getting te valdore console my problems seem to reduce
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