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09-21-2013, 12:24 PM
hull strength may be high, but overall you have less resistences due to less power to allocate. self heals are lower, overall shield bonus resists are lower then a fed or klingon ship.

doubling up on tac team (TT1 is fine x2) helps, and firing them off constantly, you do not want to try and hull tank. the console from the falchion is another survival tool, if you bought the whole set. HE as well if you're running a lot of borg stf's clears that shield drain and plasma fires, 2 copies. plasma not so dangerous, the shield drain can be fatal though.

run 2 falchion scims, tac and sci, sci managed to tank bugged out unimatrix's in onslaught probably indefinetly if a lance hadn't got her. (gave up when a lance hit her again, 13k out, cloaked at full much for HO being fixed) cycling through tac teams, HE's, epts, rsp and singularity quantum absorption makes it a very hard to kill ship. any ship for that matter with that setup.

and don't be afraid to use evasive look for incoming torps and then cloak, gets you out of the fight, allows cd's to finish so you can heal, and then you can decloak and get the def bonus as well as boost to firepower

romulan you have to fight differently, i don't like a lot of the things they did introducing them, but they are different from the kling/fed and require more thought, that i like.
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