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09-21-2013, 02:50 PM
Originally Posted by vegie0 View Post
Please read what I type first, this is cutting out huge portions of the community, thus loosing manpower. You should not critique somebody and rush to fanboy Cryptic when they make a bad dicision.

This whole situation was done for 2 reasons.

1, the Tactical Warbird was a huge flop, way undergeard, we even tested it and it was mediocre at best. So they ignored us and they did terrible with sales.
Okay, still doesn't mean that the server was closed because of this "issue."

2, they want to encourage players to pay, which paying to test a game makes no sense for me, if you are that far behind on your expectations... then just go back to a pay to play model.
Again, same response as question 1.

Now, as for your whole temporary thing, dude.... learn to predict Cryptic, they fail us so often you can count on it. The Redshirt testing thing is a joke... Things get tested on Tribble, then put on Live... then 3 weeks after that... put on Redshirt... long after Live has been using it. Dafq?
Regarding the bolded part, I'm not worried about this, since I don't think it really matters (by the way, this is my opinion, so if you think I'm wrong, that's your prerogative).

Back when Testing on Tribble ment nothing, I was ok, because I got to see what was coming. Now we don't even get to do that... This is how MACO glitch happened, this is how Scimitar Insta-Fire happened, this is how the Subspace Rupture happened...
You don't get to do this now. That doesn't mean you're going to forever be prevented from testing on Tribble...which is the whole point of the issue. You will get that chance closer to when Season 8 is ready for testing. How difficult is it to even understand that?

Most players are Silver, so cutting out the largest chunk of your playerbase... is at best crippling your ability to test. Fail!!!!!!!!!
Stay mad then, if that's your state of mind. You should still know that it is temporary. You will get to test closer to when Season 8 is ready for testing. I think allowing only subscribers to access the server is a good thing, since it cuts out all the whining that people seem to love to do anyway.

Note: Yellow text is my answer to your statements/questions.