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09-21-2013, 02:57 PM
Originally Posted by blassreiterus View Post
Stay mad then, if that's your state of mind. You should still know that it is temporary. You will get to test closer to when Season 8 is ready for testing. I think allowing only subscribers to access the server is a good thing, since it cuts out all the whining that people seem to love to do anyway.

Note: Yellow text is my answer to your statements/questions.
You seem to lack reading comprehension. So let me explain it simpler.

Do you test? If so do you test often? If often do you test 2,000 hours or more a week?

Well since the latter is impossible I am going to assume no. This means that you can not make up for even the smallest percent of what manpower was just lost. This does not encourange anybody to pay them money. It just says that Cryptic lost the ability to understand math.

For every one pay to play person, there is probably 200 or so Silver at the moment. This means we all loose. And no, we do not get to test Redshirt. Redshirt never tests anything. So all the glitches make it to live now. Stop fanboy defending. It makes you look stupid.