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09-21-2013, 04:04 PM
Just eliminate it altogether and use either an auto roll or "round robin". If you win you either claim or pass. If you pass it goes to the next person in the list or the person that rolled the next highest. Round Robin is most fair because everyone gets something with no "chance" except the item and quality. Ive rolled need everytime and got not 1 win enough so now i dont even bother unless its a purple drop.

And drops should only go to those who did damage to the target, if you are killing things off to the side by yourself you are the only one getting those drops, if you are AFK you get none. This is even more fair alongside a "round robin" You get drops from what you killed with no help, you share drops with everyone if there is assistance in the kill, you get NO drops if you do not help.

Once a system like that is in place do not show the drops to the whole group, only the 1 person being offered the drop can see it. This avoids arguments and jealousy when you dont know what everyone else recieved and they do not kow what you recieved.
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