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Originally Posted by jetwtf View Post
And drops should only go to those who did damage to the target
This proposal severely penalizes healers and other support roles that do not damage many targets, while rewarding "sprayers" who essentially tag every target with random stray shots without actually being effective.

Originally Posted by sussethrai View Post
One problem with insta-loot is that for example in Cure (ground), one of our team members is very good at soloing Armek. To do this, he uses a lot of static grenades, and usually requests that the team pass on grenades so he can use them. Our team is usually happy to do this, as we steamroller Armek almost every time within a minute or two with this method.
It sounds to me like you guys are a private group. A private group is able to actually set the loot policy in the team window, although due to various bugs in the system, it can refuse to stick. Our group runs FFA Oldschool Ninja Looting when we can, specifically to avoid any and all hassles associated with annoying popups.