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09-22-2013, 01:07 AM
Originally Posted by uraziel0815 View Post
Played yesterday with some friends a random queue ISE and we finished with 11:30 on opt timer. Than one of the pugs wrote in Chat, that he reported us as hackers and this isnt meant to Play STFs.

Almost felt laughing from my seat, i never imagined i could get reportet for doing high dps.
Yeah manic tweens probably did that. Allow me to give an example from another game:

I can remember way back when during a multiplayer race of Midnight Club II (in the Paris map), where 3 of the 6 players used Saleen cars (all but me used super-cars) and I used the lowly two-door car that I one from the Arabic character (from one of the races in Paris). I knew the routes of Paris backwards and upside down, and was able to catch up and even get passed the super-cars with their high velocities.
Anyway after I lolstomped their supposed 'super cars' with a two-door front-wheel drive vehicle, a few of them started raging in chat about me cheating. They even asked if I was using a steering wheel (which would have been acceptable to them, it seems, since I was such a good driver); and I told them no, I was using a keyboard!! lol that's when they really started raging that i was a cheater and that they'll try to ban my IP blah blah blah.
But I digress.

There's always people like this in every game who are too stupid or too apathetic to learn the mechanics, or don't have the dexterity to better their skills - whatever game it may be. So instead of learning the mechanics, and getting over their idiotic mentality of "i don't want to be in a fleet" so they can learn from better players, they bully and threaten other players.