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09-22-2013, 01:24 AM
The only way to curb inflation is to tell people to grind more or stop playing the game.

LoR brought a ton of new characters and even some new players altogether. This dried up various markets. Its a simple fact that when all the cheap equipment is purchased all that is left is expensive. When listing something your going to list it for enough under the current market price to sell it unless your not looking for a profit. It will go lower if no one is buying at that price until sales are made. Unless a flood of that product comes the price won't go down much.

Only low level characters generate low level junk so that leaves a bit of a supply issue as people gain level. Most people would rather vendor trash than take the time to list something that probably wont sell.

If you want to bring prices down you have to do nothing but grind for drops on low level equipment on low level characters and list and or store as needed. Now who plays this game to grind crap for other people for no money? No one I know of lol.