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Originally I had made THIS NX thread, which hasn't had activity for a few months. I'll probably get flagged if I post in my own thread after a few months.

Anyway I was talking with a member of Nova Squadron(?) [sorry I forgot the precise fleet name], during a particularly frustrating CEE where nobody was debuffing the entity. Anyway the conversation shifted from very sad STFs to cool STF ideas.

When I mentioned my very successful Khitomer elite missions with my fully, and properly equipped NX-class star ship, he mentioned the idea to his fleet mates and they couldn't wait to do this.

So I suggested to him that I make a post (this one), to gather people who want to make frequent runs in ELITE STF missions with nothing but NX-class star ships (and any Klingon or Romulan equivalent), and he though it would be an awesome idea.

Of course something like this will take an entire team of captains who are very adept at making proper builds, even with smaller and/or weaker ships. They key is organization, communication, and proper coordination. If all three of those criteria are met, than this NX squadron can be the envy of rookies and veterans alike.

So first step is for any Captain wanting to do this, is to post here (preferably including your super-NX build in the same post - and yes you can edit your post later if you haven't come up with a build).

After that, if there are enough people interested, we will make an NX STF channel (so we can communicate between all affiliations.

Then if that is done, we would be able to use voice chat (like TS3 for example) to get even more organized 'in person'. so to speak.

So please, post your interest/build, and let's get started!!