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For survivability, was there any resolution with the issue of not having a shuttle making a difference? I dismissed my shuttle ships when i bought the Scimitar pack and it did seem to make a big difference at the time. If you are noticing it is too weak compared to cruisers of similar stats, this is all i can think that could be causing it. There was a huge thread about it on release of the Scimitar pack, how the shuttle had an effect, but not sure if it got resolved as i had a break for a while.

I run an aux 2 batt build on my scimitar, with the borg 2 piece and MACO res shields. I use Borg shields in pvp. All i have for defense purposes is:

EPTS 1, TSS 2, TT1 x 2, RSP 2 and HE 1. I can tank anything with this. I use the Lt Cmdr uni slot for an engineer boff not a tac, this enables the aux 2 batt build and a few extra survivability boff skills.

The Scimitar is best used though with at least a 2 piece console set from the pack. Otherwise its pretty much just a large dead weight with a lot of forward weapons that you cant bring to bear.

You need the 2 set for the 2 following reasons:

1) Cloaking with shields - because this ship is at its best when cloaking repeatedly and cloaking is too dangerous to use in the middle of combat without this.

2) The 2 set bonus provides the cloaked turn rate and speed buff for the entire time your ambush lasts after decloaking. If you have the right boffs this is 23 seconds. Which is enough time to then recloak.

The added speed and turn rate enables better use of forward weapons. Without this tactic, the ship is too unwieldy in my opinion.
Not too far from te truth

Except the 2 set bonuses has nothing to do with ambush

The 2 set bonus enables a 2 boost to turn rate all the time regardless of ambush
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