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Originally Posted by deadspacex64 View Post
i don't except to one shots in hive, and then only if it's bugged. and from the posts i've seen in this thread giving advice, most don't die either. death = no dps, nada, zilch, zero. that's why survival is as important as damage output especially with spawn time increasing after each death. you would have popped in a half sec in that setup vs bugged out hive. so yeah, there's a reason your setup goes against everyones, it's senseless, if you ever got ag you'd pop like a balloon fast then sit in spawn limbo.

just looked at your build, you never get ag do you? so no worries in that dept, you're never tanking.
I only get agro when I am doing more DPS than the rest of the people in the STF, Dont run hive...ever, too buggy and had some bad experiences of it, and yes I sometimes do pop like a baloon if get too much agro, but thats usualy not untill everything else is pretty much dead, and only ever seems to be in conduit when the Tac Cube decides I am being a nuicanse and tries to swat me when I aint paying attention. As long as I keep everything running (this is a new build for me, recomended by my fleet admiral) I can keep the ship alive through 98% of everything that gets thrown at me, and it can still tank to a degree, tho its not set up for it. I will never say that any specific advice is wrong, i just dislike it when people discount mine just because it goes against the norm, this dosnt meen its not just as equally valid.
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