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09-22-2013, 08:00 AM
I will add you will find alot of my posts go against the norm, I am not one for following the "said way of doing things" I prefer to find a tactic,style or build set up that works for me and does everything the others do, this tends to attract alot of childish abuse and negative comments towards me, however I can say I generaly rise above them, unless your being a real nob towards me.
Jorhana Kreig: KDF, Tal'is: Romulan Fed, Shona'a: Romulan KDF, Johan Paul Kreig: Fed
I.R.W. Valdore gives 0 (132283) Radiation Damage to Tal'is with Thalaron Pulse. ==> Tal'is deals 132283 Special Damage to Tal'is with Immunity Matrix