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Originally Posted by warmaker001b View Post
And I still stand that comparable weapons with mods any other than the Quads' [dmg]x4 are much superior. If one cannot see the benefits of a weapon that has a combination of hitting more, critting more, critting harder, while not impacting your Subsystem Power (and maneuverabiliy, AND bonus defense) as much... then I dunno.
HITTING MORE? Critting more? Have you seen how many rounds the quads fire compared to the DHC? Im afraid you have your facts wrong Warmaker. If you have good crit as you should in a rom ship, then the amount of crits you get with quads is significant and you must be smoking your mousemat if you think a DHC hits more than the quads. Yes Heavies do more damage and crit higher, but they have such a slow rotation.

I bet you don't even own quads, so how can you gob off so much?

I think they are good, and my Ar'kif does heinous damage. One of the other main reasons to emply the quads is the 2 set bonus from them and the console gives you extra plasma damage AND +30 in energy weapon specialisation, which i am sure you know is a final tier skill and thus very expensive to spec into. The quads are good. Not great, but good.
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