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Originally Posted by johankreig View Post
I use the full set and have no problems atall, I alsdo use regen shields, which stops alot of the squishyness, if you cah get them get a sif gen and the borg console, there more than adequate to keep it alive, I run 0 armour consoles on it and focus on shield and hull regen with 2 fleet stealth/particle consoles plus the above, this is precisly against what nearly everyone on this forum will tell you, and I have 0 problems with any of my scimitars, infact the majority of my fleet that use scimitars or there varients also use a similar build, I will Add that i use the Falchion as it has more engi console slots available for stuff, will work up a build on sto accadamy to show you, I also use a aux to bat build which along with my tac team and hazard emiters keeps me alive, I die a few times each day but who dosnt.

Using the full (or any actually) console set on a Scimitar is a perfect set-up for fail. Running regenerative shields on a warbird is even more fail. If you are at all concerned about performance, take off those useless consoles.