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09-22-2013, 02:42 PM
Sorry the only bug here is how rediculous Cryptic have let power creep get and how much it just plain favours doing damage through weapons. That and APB3 stacks to such a silly extent that even a tanking cruiser will see their beams hit for 3k playing with all these players.

Also, lolz, romulans. I've heard people get nearly 20% crit chance on them, it's just absurd. One stupidly powerful combination would be 5 recluses with elite mesh weavers, romulan faction, romulan crew, atack pattern cooldown doffs and just using FAW back to back with APB3 to melt anything they touch.

I'm not kidding either, seen elite mesh weavers hit for 20k+ with their pathetic leeching torps thanks to APB3.

Incidentally how does one go about getting a 5k and 11k invite, got at least 3 builds that should qualify for both.
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Has damage got out of control?
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