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09-22-2013, 03:55 PM
My opinion is below... Highlight if you want to read it...

By the way, the only reason the Tribble is locked for only GOLD members for a limited time is that you could say that there is some content in there that is currently in "Close Beta Test" meaning that only Gold Member got invited, then us the Silver players will get to the "Open Beta Test" don't know why people are getting mad over the aspect that they didn't get invited to test the stuff, only because they are not Gold Members.... Aaaaaaaaaaaaw, so sad.... pffft... Gotta read carefully to understand what's going on people... Don't expect that just cause it's just YOU, and only YOU, you need to get invited... Cryptic closed the Tribble for Gold Members for a reason... so what...what can you do? nothing... just wait till it is your turn to get the invite... And as for the mentioned stuff that STO is pay to test, that dose not make any sense at all... I never knew that STO was in a Close Beta Stage and that I needed to pay to test it out before it came... geeez think of what you say before you say it...

Anywho... Ya'll have fun!! :p