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Originally Posted by johankreig View Post
Again, I am on the othersie of the fence and love the Quads, I have not noticed any issues from engine power lowering, when I am using cannons i am usualy slowely progressing towards the target or joggeling back and forth to keep my defence up, I have my weapons ramped to max anyway, and the set effect gives a noticable boost to plasma, I run with DC rather than DCH, not a fan of them as there power loss dosnt give you much more than standard, faster fiering DC.

(once again, sits back and await's the abuse foir A: liking quad cannons, B: using a tactic that others think is stupid and pointless, and C: for comments on DHCs and saying something negative about them, starting to see a theme regarding people on this forum, some dont like people going away from the 'prescribed techniques')
Here. Let people flame this.

Beam Arrays are for science ships and only science ships. Oh, and carriers. If they have TSS1.

Dual Beams are for cruisers that don't wish to use ANY weapon modifiers. For instance a CC heavy cruiser may be using EWP and Chronitons. Or escorts that wish to use BO.

Cannons and Dual Cannons are for cruisers that wish to use DEM. Quad Cannons get the largest boost from DEM.

Dual Heavies are for Escorts.

Cruisers should never waste Tac slots modifying energy weapons. That's what DEM is for. They should save those slots for Torps or Mines.

Keep in mind there are hybrids out there. So before some twit comes along and says...LOL I use BO on my Wells...blah blah blah. Yah no kidding. Here's a cookie.

EDIT: Some mechanics don't work well with others. DEM is applied to each shot. So the weapon with the highest ROF get's the best effect. CRF increases ROF, but it doesn't compress the CD, so weapons with the highest ROF get the worst effect. Beam arrays just never get good. Ever. Dual Beams are the best when there's no modifications and for Beam Overload. (You'll never see BO as a serious option in PVE though.) And why this is so is because of torpedoes and mines. The way you use torpedoes and mines has a greater impact on how you use energy weapons than vice versa. Because you USE torpedoes and mines you don't ignore them. So sure, in a game without torpedoes and mines beam arrays might have a place on a cruiser. Call me when that happens.

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