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Survival as Scimitar 101:

Lesson 1:

Never stay where your target has the ability to hit you with the most weapons. You have a battle cloak. And this ship moves like crazy while cloaked. Take advantage of that fact. And DO NOT be afraid to cloak and run. Screw valor. Staying alive is much more helpful to your team and your score than being a dead hero.

Lesson 2:
Engaging Your Target.

HIT AND FADE. Do not go toe to toe with a target. You decloak, remove their face, and then recloak ASAP. Then rinse and repeat. And since you have the Singularity Distribution Console, this is facilitated greatly, since your shields stay up while you are cloaked.

Lesson 3:
Basic Survival with ANY Ship:

Two copies of Tactical Team 1. Two copies of Emergency Power to Shields 1. One copy of Hazard Emitters 1. One copy of Transfer Shield Strength 1 or better. One copy of Auxiliary to the Structural Integrity Field 1 or better. Cycle the above abilities (more specifically the TT and EPtS), and you will have no problems staying alive. Also, use your secondary shields. They are very helpful.

Also, Neutronium Alloy mk XI is quite useful, and atm very cheap on the exchange.

Lesson 4:
If It's Already Dead, It Can't Hurt You

The whole idea behind the tactical version of the Dreadnought Warbird is that you basically vaporize everything in front of you before it can damage you. It's not a tank. It was never meant to tank. It was meant to kill. And if you kill your target in the opening seconds of combat, it can't hurt you!

Hopefully this helps. Class dismissed!
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