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eh, Scimitars can tank pretty well if you do 2 things.

#1 have 2 tact teams and alternate them on cooldown.
#2 favor shield healing over hull healing.

this is an example of a scimitar 2 peice set doing monster damage and though he doesn't take much damage the build can obviously survive
The only negative is that Scimitars still seem to take an oddly high amount of hull damage compared to other ships with exactly the same equipment setup. I know why my Scimitar doesn't tank well, and that's because I only run one armor console. I know I'm a mite squishy, so I play as such. But even with two armor consoles, for some reason it still seems to take more hull damage than my fleet defiant under the same circumstances and equipment. I even have the same accolades. It's odd, but manageable.
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