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Did Vov keep hold of the Supercomputer, or has Mycroft been forced to downgrade his accommodations aboard the bedpan?
Dangit, I knew I left something out. Maybe I should go put that into the story, but the supercomputer stayed aboard the Herpes. However, Starfleet did have to buy the salvage rights from Vovonek, for a sum of GPL.

Not sure the new accommodations are that much of a downgrade, though; all the systems of the Bedpan are properly integrated, unlike Vov's improvised system, and it is the very latest in Federation computer technology (along with holoprojectors in most areas of the ship, so Mycroft can project his avatar as desired!).

As a side note, I started giving the ships derogatory nicknames in imitation of a tradition I've seen in the US Navy, where sailors often mock their own craft. The carrier USS Kitty Hawk, for instance, is variously known as the Kitty Litter or the Sh*tty Kitty; the carrier USS Enterprise was sometimes known as the Enterprison prior to her retirement (it also picked up the nicknames "Big E" and "Fleet Starship"); the submarine USS Gato, decommissioned in 1996, was often called the Ghetto; and so forth. (After looking up one of the above examples, I also found what I think is my favorite pair of nicknames. In 1975, the guided-missile frigate USS Belknap collided with the carrier USS John F. Kennedy in foggy conditions; after that, the Belknap became known as the Belcrash, while the Kennedy became the Can Opener.)

Edit: After perusing this list, I was amused to find that the Enterprise, the first nuclear-powered carrier in the US fleet, was also known as Mobile Chernobyl and Three-Quarter-Mile Island.
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