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09-23-2013, 08:22 AM
Let's just be honest here, despite the fact there are women working at cryptic, and i'm sure some of the men are married to women as well, Cryptic as a whole, just hasn't really been able to do female bodies all that well or realistically. Granted i've seen some people use the sliders to make them better than the base models, but the chests, have always been awkward especially with the way the shirts look molded on, over in Champions there is this weird neck thing happening sometimes, The legs have always been to skinny (i've always set them to max, pretty much since launch), The newer romulan hair styles looked nicer than the current stuff but all had glaring bald spots, and let's not forget the worst one (IMO) where the skins end terribly at the neck. That last one irks me to no end, but i think that it's just the trill, caitian, and gorn that are full body but even the hands have never been altered by them. It just looks so terrible, especially with all the newer costume pieces that are more open or short sleeved.

Over all, it's just ridiculous how bad some of these things are or have become. Personally, if i were the guy in charge, i would put the art team on a quality pass to go through and fix the character models, which is something they SHOULD have done when they "completely remade" the Character creator into 2.0 as they called it, when really it was just a new look for the UI. I suppose though with how cryptic does things, compared to how they advertise things, the standards clearly aren't too high in the QA department.

TL;DR: They should go back and fix/update/improve the character models and creator.