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09-23-2013, 12:01 PM
Yeah, they rushed out that new tailor and the Romulan costumes that it is riddled with bugs. And there is no sign of Cryptic actually fixing these things after 3 months.

It's not just the TOS Color Palettes, but Palettes in general. For example the left wrist having one color set and the right wrist having another. And it's not just that, with my Borg Reman Tactical BOFF I can give him any skin color. (One character has a green Reman Borg, another has him Red as a Lobster).

Then there are many clipping issues, like the Reman Headset clipping outside of the Reman Hood.

And the worst thing with that tailor is those STUPID Preset tailor bars. And have it in the MOST ANNOYING place, right in the character screen! Who in the world wants to change their character's looks after they already established looks? And there is no more UNDO Bar to change them back! Arrrgh!

Whoever thought this was an improvement needs to be slapped on the side of their head.